Artist Profile and EPK

 Mauricio Bernini: Artist Profile and EPK

Artist Profile and EPK

Those who came before me were the first to show me the concept of the true meaning of art. I was fortunate to have received a good education while being exposed to some form of art since my early days. Some paintings and sculptures would leave me mesmerized, while literature works and music would move me in many ways. I always wanted to do that, create things, to be an artist. As an artist, I seek to find ways of expressing myself so that I can touch people's souls just as music has touched mine. I revisit my feelings, thoughts, hopes, and aspirations in every song I write. I want to be a healing force, a force for peace, and a bringer of hope. I want to talk about subjects that matter. I want to talk about people and their lives because, to me, people are fascinating. I want to help people laugh and cry, to help them feel their best. I believe a work of true artistic expression is worth keeping and must continue. I also want to help others become the best artists they can be so everyone can enjoy the blessings prevenient from their artworks. I am determined and resolved to be the best storyteller I can be, be it through words or audio-visual or altogether.

Throughout most of my life, music has carried special meaning to me.

Music was there through my hard times, happy times, sad times, desperate times, joyful times, peaceful times, and healing times. It has always moved me in one way or another. "Read more... >>"



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