Interview with Fernando Bernini Pereira, professional Bassist and Producer from Brazil

This interview has been conducted in Brazilian Portuguese. It is possible to use the Youtube Closed Captioning Audio Translation. 

 Fernando's Interview Highlights 

  • So much can be done with little resources.
  • There are several levels of success. 
  • It is important to be ready to work.
  • Be open to work outside of your comfort zone.
  • Do your research.
  • Become fluent in creating.
  • Exteriorize all that you have learned as an artist.
  • All you see and hear becomes part of your vocabulary.
  • Study hard to become well versed in all things where your art is concerned.
  • Applied Music Theory and Harmony, and Vocabulary are your basic tools as a musician.
  • Create or develop your own language.
  • Learn from the greats!
  • Have the right mindset previous to creating.
  • Sleep on your challenges overnight.
  • Do not take shortcuts!
  • Savor the learning process.

05:00 Fernando speaks of digital music production history and reminds us much can be done with little resources.

13:00 Fernando talks about how to become a Music Producer.

14:20 Success Definition: There are several levels of success. Having a single person to connect with your music is a success level. Financially supporting your family as an artist is certainly a great success!

17:26 Creativity Process: Fernando speaks of readiness for work and also talks about being ready to work outside of your comfort zone. Each artwork you create outside your comfort zone is like a new adventure, and it takes you to different places. Always do your research about the subject you'll be working on.

18:18 It was a very long process to become fluent in creating. It was a natural evolution, but nevertheless, it was long and difficult. You need to be able to exteriorize all that you have learned as an artist. All that you see and hear becomes part of your artistic vocabulary. Also, always work on technique. The blend of it all gives you more easiness of fluency. Your basic tools as a musician are a sound applied knowledge of Music Theory and Harmony, technique, plus vocabulary. You create your own artistic language being it visual or musical.

22:00 Learn from the greats!

23:00 Some people create cerebrally, logically, using methods and techniques. Others create emotionally, even viscerally.

23:16 The ones that create emotionally cannot repeat the exact same thing if asked to, because they performed under the influence of that person's feelings during that particular moment.

25:00 Concludes that the ideal is to be well versed in theory, harmony, technique, and feeling!

26:00 Fernando feels a need to have both the ability to jump right on to work, and also some preparation for the creative process to achieve the right mindset.

27:00 Sleep your challenges overnight. Your brain will work on solutions through the night.

30:00 Advice to students: DO NOT LOOK FOR SHORTCUTS! Do the work that must be done! Try your best to do it well. Work on the foundations extensively. Take the time to do it right. If you skip a part for whatever reason, you will always be weak at anything that builds on top of your knowledge or even applied knowledge weakness. Do it right from the beginning. You'll be doing yourself a favor! It is your name! That is what you're going to do in your professional life, including your weakness! Those are your building blocks! Have no hurry! Savor the process! Make sure to digest every little detail of your education completely.

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